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Your local cosmetic dentistry clinic & dentist in Werribee 

Do you suffer from stained and worn down teeth? Perhaps, you have old fillings and cracks in your teeth that you want fixed? There’s no doubt, when it comes to making a good first impression, it’s your smile that counts. It’s the very first thing people notice about you. If you’re not feeling confident with how your teeth look, the team at Heaths Road Dental Clinic can help turn that around. We understand things like chipped teeth, discolouration and yellow staining can all contribute to poor oral health over time; causing detrimental affects on your self-esteem. Luckily, we have multiple dental solutions that can fix these issues. 

At Heaths Road Dental Clinic, we have extensive experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry and use the latest technology to help beautify and enhance your smile. Whether you’re after teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, veneers or even tooth bonding, Dr. Razban has the expertise to correct a range of dental concerns and aims to create customised solutions to suit your individual needs.

The ideal choice in cosmetic dentistry & dentist services near Hoppers Crossing

If you’re looking for that perfect smile, composite veneers and porcelain veneers might just be the answer for you. It’s the perfect solution to improving the overall look of your smile by making teeth look more symmetrical, hiding gaps and even changing the size of your teeth for better bite mobility. Our professional dental team can provide you with the best course of action for your needs and produce the perfect smile that will have you beaming with confidence. Another effective way to improve your appearance is through teeth whitening procedures. We have a range of different solutions that will produce whiter and brighter teeth in less than a few weeks. The results are amazing.

For more information on our range of cosmetic dentistry solutions and our cosmetic dentist clinic in Werribee and Hoppers Crossing, give Heaths Road Dental Clinic a call on (03) 9748-9777 and arrange a smile consultation today. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.